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Russian Podcast – Russian Verbs from Russia – for intermediate Russian learners

If you’re at an intermediate level of Russian, this Russian podcast will help you to keep progressing! This podcast is for those who want to learn how to use Russian vocabulary with confidence and accuracy. In each episode, I explain differences about easily confused verbs in the Russian language. In my opinion, if you master these verbs, you will make huge progress in your Russian learning. I understand that it is difficult to grasp their meaning without the help of a native Russian teacher. Boost your learning with Russian Verbs from Russia!

Если вы уже не первый месяц учите русский, этот подкаст поможет вам двигаться вперёд! Мой подкаст – для тех, кто хочет научиться уверенно и правильно использовать русскую лексику. В каждом выпуске я объясняю разницу между русскими глаголами, которые легко перепутать. Вы поймёте, как употреблять эти глаголы правильно, и сразу заметите огромный прогресс в изучении русского языка. Совершенствуйте свой русский с Russian Verbs from Russia!

Why is important to understand these differences? In Russian, we have many verbs that completely change their meaning when we add different prefixes to them. They can have a totally opposite meaning. In comparison with English, it is like a phrasal verb, but in Russian, we add it in front of the verb and we write it together. For example, turn on≠turn off, is включить ≠ выключить. You see, you forget to write just one letter and the verb gets a completely different meaning. On the other hand, there are verbs that in English have a few different meanings, however, in Russian, they are not one verb. For example, the verb “to try”. Do you know that in Russian we use three different words, and which one you will choose depends on context? These verbs are пробовать – попробовать, стараться – постараться and пытаться – попытаться.

Would you like to know more about these verbs? I hope I could explain in a nutshell why they are important and show you why they are interesting :)

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