Native Russian Teacher – Anna Strelkovskaia

My name is Anna and I am a native Russian teacher from St Petersburg.

I am a professional Russian teacher and I have wide experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language. I have been teaching Russian online for 15 years. I was working full-time at Saint Petersburg University for a long time; this March I decided to stop working there, to work full time online.

As a result, I know exactly what areas cause the biggest problems for students.

My main goal is to make the process of learning Russian more enjoyable. I love my language and I am happy to help people who are trying to learn Russian. Therefore, I created a Youtube Channel Russian from Russia, where I offer free Russian lessons.

On my channel Russian from Russia, you can find lessons about: Russian Life, Russian Traditions and Customs, Tips on Learning Russian, Russian Verbs of Motion, etc. You can start with 7 Language Learning Tips for Adults, in which I give recommendations that work 100%.

But that’s not all. I also have a podcast on Russian verbs. It is called Russian verbs from Russia. Two times a month I publish a new episode, in which I explain differences among easily confused verbs. These subtle differences among various Russian verbs are difficult to understand without the help of a native Russian teacher.

Why am I unique? Because I developed a way to explain Russian grammar and vocabulary in Russian and I translate only the most difficult words into English. In that way, students make faster progress and really learn to speak Russian. For example, here you can see what a polyglot, Mr Kaufmann, thinks about my work.

My students are from all over the world and they learn Russian for different reasons. By the way, among my students were even European astronauts. You can find out more about it here and here.

You’re the reason I started making Russian learning material, and I hope you’ll enjoy learning Russian with me!

Anna Russian From Russia Youtube