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Today I’d like to tell you a bit about one more interesting place which has a very unusual name, this is Ыб (and it sounds a bit weird to the Russian ear…)

Yb is a town in the Komi Republic, in western Russia. It is located next to the Sysola River and it is located between 30 km and 40 km south-southwest from the regional capital of Syktyvkar.

But why is this town interesting? Why have I decided to make a video about this town? After watching this video, you will find out many interesting facts about Yb and the Komi Republic.

Some of the sights are:

  • Святые источники
  • Свято-Вознесенский храм
  • Чудьское городище 1, 14 век
    Чудьское городище 2, 14 век
  • Серафимовский женский монастырь
  • Ыбский историко-этнографический музей
  • Выходы отложений юрского периода
  • Шойнаягский могильник
  • Лиственница в 2,7 метра в обхвате. 1825 год, д. Погост
  • Можжевеловое озеро (излечивает от болезней 20 века — астмы и туберкулёза)

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