Intermediate Russian Online – Ustuzhna

This is a Russian language lesson for those who want to learn about real Russia, not just about metropolitan Russia.
I’m continuing with my stories about small Russian towns.

If you have seen Moscow, or you have seen St Petersburg, and think that you have seen Russia, then, of course, you are mistaken. To say: “I saw Russia,” you need to see the Russian province. Do you know what is глубинка?

In this video, I will talk about a beautiful city in the Russian province. Its name is Устюжна (Ustuzhna). Tourists don’t come here, Russian tourists, let alone foreigners. However, I think this place is worth a visit. It is located in the north-west of Russia, in the Vologda region. Do you remember, I have already talked about Vologda in one of my previous videos? If you haven’t watched it yet, check it, it is also a very interesting video.

If you would like to check another video from this series Intermediate Russian Online, please check my Youtube Intermediate Russian Lessons: Kizhi. You will see not only beautiful places in Russia but also learn Russian grammar and vocabulary.

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