Learn Russian: Ded Moroz

Russian Culture Lesson + Russian Grammar Lesson + Russian Дед Мороз (I don’t like “Father Frost”, by the way; I prefer we call him Дед Мороз; this IS his name). And there IS a difference between Дед Мороз and Santa Claus. What’s the difference and what’s so cool about our Дед Мороз? Welcome to watching this video, and you’ll see that Russian New Year character and Santa Claus are fairly different.

I was with Santa Claus, I spoke to him, today I will tell you about it, show his home, and you will probably understand the difference between Santa Claus and Russian Дед Мороз.

So, where does Russian Дед Мороз live? He lives in a town called Veliky Ustyug, this is an old, old Russian city approximately 1100 kilometres from St. Petersburg (if you go
by car).

Is this sound interesting to you? Would you like to find out more? Then make sure to watch this video 🙂

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