Intermediate Russian: Places in Russia

This is a Russian language lesson for those who are not only interested in the language but also want to learn more about the country.
Today I’m talking about a majestic place created by nature and people. Although it’s called Marble Canyon, it’s not a natural canyon but a marble quarry. In May it is already beautiful here. In the summer, it is more beautiful, but there are many tourists.

About three hundred kilometres from St. Petersburg is Ruskeala village. This is the place where people took marble to build St Petersburg. In this video, I will tell you more about its history. The first to extract marble here were the Swedes, did you know that? They mined marble here to make building lime out of it. What happened after that?

One of the interesting things is that after ceasing marble extraction, water gradually filled up part of the quarries. As a result, here appeared marble lake.

After watching this video, you will know many interesting facts about this beautiful place.

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