Russian Cases – Dative. Learn Russian Grammar with Russian from Russia! Russian cases made easy 🙂

Dative is the 3rd case in the Russian language – кому? чему? (to whom?). It is used for the indirect object in the sentence.

It’s not easy to remember six cases’ endings. That’s why I’ve started my new Russian lessons series “6 Minute Cases Drill”. I hope these videos will help you to get used to the Russian cases. Today we’ll practice the Dative case. By the way, I deliberately avoided mentioning feminine nouns ending with -ия and -ь, because they are quite rare and I wanted to help you memorize easily the forms which are used often.

Prepositions that we use with Dative case are: к, благодаря, согласно, вопреки, наперекор, навстречу.

Pronouns in Dative case:

  • Мне – me
  • Тебе – you (informal)
  • Ему (m), Ему (n), Ей (f) – him, it, her
  • Нам – us
  • Вам – you (formal, or plural)
  • Им – them

It is used with the verb Нравиться – to like:

Вам нравится русский язык? Мне нравится русский язык.

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If you would like to practise Dative, you can find an exercise to practise this grammar at