Why Do Russians Celebrate Christmas On Jan 7

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I made this video last year but decided to upload it again – just in case you didn’t watch it then 🙂 Why Do Russians Celebrate Christmas On Jan 7?

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! All the best!

Why in Russia Christmas is celebrated on January 7, and not like in Europe, on December 25? The reason is a different calendar, that is, how we count the days in a year.

Until 1582 in Europe, the Julian calendar was used, and in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII decided to introduce a new calendar, which we now call the Gregorian calendar.

Why was it necessary to invent a new calendar? I will talk about that in the video 🙂 I will explain how these calendars differ and tell you the whole story about the new and old calendar. It is an interesting story, and I hope you will like it.

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