Russian Day of Love (Intermediate)

Did you know that in Russia we have our own day of love? Russian day of family and love is celebrated on July 8th. Although St. Valentine’s Day has become popular among Russians, we have our holiday – Всероссийский день семьи, любви и верности в память святых Петра и Февронии.

This video is for intermediate Russian learners, who want to learn more about Russia and Russian traditions and customs. I will tell you a story about Peter and Fevronia, who are patrons of marriage and family. They represent love and fidelity. Memorial Day of Saint Peter and Fevronia of Murom is a purely Russian holiday. It originates from the middle of the XVI century when the Russian Church recognized spouses as saints.

However, this is not the usual love story. This story is very interesting because it is mysterious and puzzling. Is it really about love? After watching this video, you will find it out!

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