Is Russian difficult

Is Russian difficult? What do you think? Do you think Russian grammar is complicated? 

As in any language, there are some things that are challenging. If you are afraid to start learning Russian because of the Russian cases or Russian prefixes, I can assure you, it is not as difficult as it seems. Russian is actually a logical language. When you understand its logic, everything is easier. Why do we need grammar anyway?

However, some things are a lot easier than in other languages. You don’t believe in that? Do you think you need to read many books in order to become fluent in Russian?

Is Russian difficult

I will tell you 5 interesting facts about Russian grammar. You will be able to form your own opinion and answer the question: Is Russian difficult? 

1. Verb ‘to be’ in Russian

We often omit the present tense of the verb ‘to be’ in Russian. For example:

Where is my bag? – Где моя сумка?

Here ‘is’ is omitted. Translation word by word would be: where my bag.

2. No articles

In the Russian language, there is no definite or indefinite article. You need to select the appropriate translation according to the context. For example:

This is a book. – Это книга.

This is the book that I bought yesterday. – Это книга, которую я купил вчера.

3. Interrogative Sentences

In Russian, you can make a question by simply putting a question mark at the end of the sentence in writing, or changing the intonation in speaking.

This is your car. – Это твоя машина.

Is this your car? – Это твоя машина?

4. Tenses

In Russian, we have present, past, future and conditional tense. In comparison to other languages, such as Spanish that has 14 tenses, this number is very small. There are few irregular verbs and conjugation is logical. In fact, Russian verbs are very interesting 🙂

5. Gender of nouns

There are three genders in Russian: masculine, feminine and neuter. However, the gender of a noun is easily predictable by looking at the last letter of the noun:

  • Nouns ending in a consonant are masculine
  • Nouns ending in -a or – я are feminine
  • Nouns ending in -o or -e are neuter

The only difficulty here is to know the gender of nouns ending in – ь.  They have to be learnt by heart.

Is Russian difficult

And what do you think now, is Russian difficult?  🙂  It really has some tricky parts, like verbs of motion or imperfective and perfective verbs, but on the other hand, some things, that cause a problem in other languages, don’t exist. It’s all the matter of time you devote to learning this language and your motivation.