Intermediate Russian: Первый полдень 2019

You will see Saint Petersburg at midday on January 1, 2019. I came to Peter and Paul Fortress, to see the traditional midday shot of the gun. And today I want to tell you about this.

If you are at noon, that is, at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, in the centre of St. Petersburg, then you can easily find out who is a St. Petersburg resident (петербуржец), and who is not. How? How can you know this? I will talk about that in the video and reveal you this secret 🙂

Also, I will talk about the first Midday shot (выстрел). What is that? Well, that is the first time a gun ( пушка ) fires in the New year. Actually, do you know anything about this tradition in St Petersburg? I will explain it to you in the video.

The PDF-transcript and mp3-audio of this video ‘ Intermediate Russian: Первый полдень 2019 ‘ is available at the website

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