Winter Swimming in Russia – Russian Lesson

Learn Russian with Russian from Russia! These are stories about Russian customs and traditions, history and other things that are well-known to most people in Russia.

Winter swimming in Russia is a part of the Russian celebration of Epiphany (January 19th). It is a very famous Russian tradition.

In Russian, it is called крещенское купанье. On this day, some people in Russia bathe in ice holes. They bathe in ice-cold water, despite the cold.

The priests sanctify the water in the rivers, in the lakes, and people believe that such water, the holy water, brings health: the health of the body and the health of the soul.

Прорубь – it is a hole, a special hole which is made in the ice. People cut through the ice,
in order to take water or to swim. When a man gets into the water and dips himself, we say ‘он окунается’.

What do you think about this tradition? Would you ever try it?

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