Do you think it is possible to learn Russian while you sleep? 🙂 In this video, you will learn exactly about the verb TO SLEEP – СПАТЬ.

This video is for intermediate Russian learners, who want to learn about the verb TO SLEEP – СПАТЬ, and other words derived from this verb. All explanations are in easy Russian, with Russian English translations of the most difficult words, therefore also suitable for beginner Russian learners. I will teach you the most interesting words, so you will be able to impress your Russian friends 🙂

If you want to learn words and phrases related to the verb TO SLEEP in Russian, don’t miss this video. These words are really useful for all the people who are learning Russian. For example, do you know how to say insomnia in Russian? No? Fine, for this one I’ll give you a hint: it is derived from a noun “сон” (a dream) and a preposition “без” (without). Pretty logical, right? After watching this video, you will know this word and many more!

And tell me, what do you really think, is it possible to learn Russian while you sleep? I don’t. That’s why I’m helping you study Russian, while you are awake 😉