Colours in Russian

Learn Russian names of different colours and shades easily 🙂

Kакой это цвет? Kакого это цвета? – What is this colour? What colour is it?

чёрный black
белый white
красный red
синий blue
зелёный green
оранжевый orange
жёлтый yellow
голубой sky-blue
тёмно-синий dark-blue, navy
коричневый brown
фиолетовый violet
розовый pink
серый grey

Beside the name of the colour, sometimes you need to know the shade, too. The names of shades can be made by adding certain adjectives to the base colour. For example bright, dark, light, etc. They will allow defining the saturation of the colour of the described phenomenon or object. Here are the words that will help you to more accurately define the desired colour:

Light — светлый
Dark — темный
Bright — яркий
Dull — тусклый
Pale — бледный

After you have learned the names of all the colours in Russian, for better memorization and further training you can try to name familiar subjects in Russian, adding the name of the colour to them. For example красный ковер, белый стол, синий стул, темно-оранжевый блокнот, фиолетовая ручка.

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