Learn Russian Eating Vocabulary. Learn Russian with Russian from Russia! These are stories about Russian customs and traditions, history and other things that are well-known to most people in Russia.

In this video, you will learn about Russian Eating Vocabulary.

You will learn how to say that you are hungry in Russian and that you want to eat. You will learn how to conjugate verbs related to food and drink. You will also learn Russian words for cutlery and crockery. I will tell you about Russian lunch, what we usually eat, and how it looks like (it actually has three parts). I will explain variations of the verbs есть / съесть (поесть, доесть, выесть).

How to conjugate verbs TO EAT and TO DRINK in Russian:

есть / съесть and пить / выпить

Present Tense

я eмя пью
ты ешьты пьёшь
он ест он пьёт
мы едим мы пьём
вы едитевы пьёте
они едятони пьют


Informal (ты): ешьInformal (ты): пей
Formal or Plural (вы): ешьтеFormal or Plural (вы): пейте

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