Russian Prefixes – ЗА

This is the third episode of my new grammar series for intermediate learners of the Russian language. In this lesson you’ll know how we use the Russian prefix ЗА-.

This prefix has many different meanings. And how to remember all of them? I, as always, tried to make it easier for you and I structured and highlighted only five basic meanings, five categories.
Five categories are easy to remember, right? Maybe my categories will seem to you
artificial, but I just try to help you remember the meanings of this prefix 🙂

Of course, you will encounter verbs that are difficult to immediately include in one of these
categories, but try to find some associations to do this, because, after all, if the information is structured, it’s easier for us to remember.

I spoke about verbs, but it is the same with nouns and adjectives.

I hope that I have given you a general idea of understanding verbs with the prefix -za.

The PDF-transcript and mp3-audio of this video ‘Russian Prefixes – ЗА’ are available at

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