Learn Russian: Kak slepit snegovika?

You’ll be surprised to see how much snow we still have here, 70 km from St Petersburg, in March. No grammar today, just some new vocabulary, I hope 🙂 You will learn: Как слепить снеговика?

I can’t wait to show you our March here. Look at the beauty we have here. I can not wait to show you our ice-drifts (торосы) in the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg.

I didn’t plan to shoot a video on Sunday, and therefore I didn’t take a camera, I filmed everything with my phone. Therefore, the image is not of very high quality, it is shaking, it is unstable a little bit, but I really want to show you the Gulf of Finland in March. The Gulf of Finland is, of course, beautiful in any weather, even now, when it’s mainly cloudy.

Have you ever made a snowman? Is there snow in your country during the winter?

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