Intermediate Russian – First Names

Russian first names can be confusing for foreigners. You know that each Russian first name has several forms. How to address people and not to get in an awkward situation? In this video, I’m trying to clarify this issue – at least a little bit 🙂

The world is changing, and we, Russians, less and less call each other by name and patronymic. Of course, in official situations, in very official situations, when we don’t know a person at all, and the distance is very big, we still call each other by name and patronymic. But now, today, I will not talk about how to address each other by name and patronymic, today I’ll talk only about names.

You may have noticed that the same person can be addressed differently in different situations.

The most important recommendation: it is best to address a person as he introduced himself. If the person told you the name and patronymic, then call him by name and patronymic, if he told you his full name, call him like that.

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