Verbs of Motion with Prefixes

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This is the first episode of my series about Russian verbs of motion; I’m planning to make a course of 10 (probably 12) lessons in total.
Russian Verbs have a reputation of being difficult to learn; I’m sure that’s just a question of the angle of vision. In my videos, I’ll try to present them step by step so that you could get used to them and could understand how they could be used in different situations.
Those who have not seen my videos about verbs of motion without prefixes can watch them at and

Of course, we remember the difference between verbs “идти” and “ходить”, “ехать” and “ездить”. If we add prefixes to them, they change their meaning.

So, today we begin with a very interesting grammatical topic: Russian motion verbs with prefixes. In fact, it is not so difficult as they say. We will get acquainted with these verbs step-by-step. And today we begin, today we make the first step.

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