Courage is knowing what not to fear (Plato).

In this video, you will learn about Russian verbs БОЯТЬСЯ-ПУГАТЬСЯ and Russian fear vocabulary.

This video is for intermediate Russian learners, who want to learn about the verb TO BE AFRAID in Russian – БОЯТЬСЯ, TO GET AFRAID in Russian – ПУГАТЬСЯ, and other words and phrases related to fear. All explanations are in easy Russian, with Russian English translations of the most difficult words, therefore also suitable for beginner Russian learners.

If you want to learn words and phrases related to fear in Russian, don’t miss this video.

These words are really useful for all the people who are learning Russian. For example, do you know what is the difference between verbs БОЯТЬСЯ and ПУГАТЬСЯ? And what are some idioms, that we use to express fear? After watching this video, you will know this and much more!

And tell me, what are you afraid about? What do you think about fear in general, is it something good, that warns us we are doing something wrong, or just cowardness? I would be glad to know your opinion about this topic 🙂

The PDF-transcript and mp3-audio of this video are available at

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