Learn Russian: 2 Necessary Words

Learn Russian with Russian from Russia!
Today I’m speaking about two very handy words (when used properly).

So, today – two words that will make our life with the Russian language much easier.
Why? Because they are very easy to use. and you can use them in different situations.
So, it’s good to remember how to use them.

I will write a little bit about the first word here, and the rest you can check in the video ‘ Learn Russian: 2 Necessary Words’ 🙂

The first word is an absolutely necessary word. This word is “можно” (can).
Why this word can help us in life?
Because if we want, for example, to get something, or to see something, or to buy something, and we forgot the whole grammar, we forgot the forms of all the words,
we can use this word “ можно ” and speak calmly, without any problems.

For example, you came to the shop and want to buy something or want to see something,
you can just point at the thing and ask: “ можно?”

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