Learn Russian: Где учился Pushkin

Today I am talking about the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, which was opened on October 19, 1811, and where Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was educated. You’ll learn a lot about this unique school and you’ll also see how beautiful Tsarskoye Selo is during this season which we call Golden Autumn. And – by the way – this is my native town 🙂

Now this city is called the city of Pushkin, and officially it is part of St. Petersburg, that is, it is one of the districts of St. Petersburg. Pushkin was not born there, he was born in Moscow, but he went to school there. However, before the revolution, it had a different name and in this video, you will find out what the name was and why it was called like that. Also, I will tell you about Pushkin’s life and school.

You’ll find more information about Pushkin at https://youtu.be/yz93ZkJlnPk (this is my video “Pushkin: Facts and Legends”)

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