TO DRIVE in Russian. ВЕСТИ МАШИНУ (Verbs of Motion)

In this Russian language lesson, I explain how to describe the situation when you’re driving. You’ll also learn how to use Russian transitive verbs of motion.

Водить машину… вести машину… Он ведёт машину? Is this correct? Well, sometimes, it is, and sometimes it is not. And what about the sentence ‘ он за рулём ‘? What does it mean?

In this video, I will explain to you in which situations you can use this verb. Also, I will explain other verbs that are used, if you want to say ‘to drive’ in Russian. These verbs are part of Russian motion verbs, which are seen as a very difficult concept of the Russian language. But in my opinion, it is not true – they are different than in other languages, that’s all. You need to get used to thinking in that way, thinking in ‘a Russian way’ 🙂

The PDF-transcript and mp3-audio of this video ‘ TO DRIVE in Russian – ВЕСТИ МАШИНУ ‘ are available at the website

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