Learn Russian through Folk Tales! Welcome to the 2d episode of my new Russian Folk Tales lessons series where I’ll talk about the most popular Russian folk tales.

If you like scary stories (если вы любите страшные истории), you will not be disappointed (вы не будете разочарованы) 🙂

This folk tale consists of two parts (этот рассказ состоит из двух частей), and the second one is only for adults, not for little kids (и вторая часть только для взрослых, а не для маленьких детей)! However, originally Russian folk tales were created not for children (однако, изначально русские народные сказки создавались не для детей) 🙂

By the way, do you remember who Baba Yaga is (кстати, вы помните, кто такая Баба-яга)? If you don’t know who she is, I recommend you to watch a video here (если вы не знаете, кто она такая, я советую сначала посмотреть видео здесь).

If you would like to check another video from this series Learn Russian with Russian Folk tales, please check my Youtube video lesson about Kurochka Ryaba. There are a lot of videos on various topics. I’m sure there will be something, which is interesting to you 🙂

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