For intermediate learners of Russian! Here I’m answering one of the questions which are often asked. When and why do we use ВЕДЬ?

Very often people ask me about when we use this word, and I decided that I finally need to explain this word. There is a lot of material about it, but you can easily get confused.

А ведь это так просто! Why I use it here?

ведь (vedʹ) – English translations:

  • after all
  • why, well
  • indeed, surely
  • isn’t it?
  • then, you know, you see

If you use it in a question, you will sound like confirming something you already know (it is related to “I know”). Typically, it is a part of a phrase explaining the cause, most often it’s a reminder that the reason is known to those who you are talking to. It can also happen that it is unknown, but easily understandable.

In the video, I will give you more explanations and a lot of examples 🙂

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