Russian Imperfective vs Perfective

Learn Russian Grammar with Russian from Russia! Here I’m trying to explain Russian Aspect using only the Russian language.

What is the aspect of the verb in Russian? What kinds of verbs exist, in what ways are they defined?

The verb aspect in Russian is a grammatical characteristic of a verb. It indicates how a verb-defined action takes place in time. There are two types of verbs: verb is completed and one-time, or incomplete and repeated. The aspect is a constant grammatical feature of verbs, inherent in conjugated verbs, infinitives, adverbs and participles.

When you learn a new verb, always learn both forms!

Perfective verbs (SV) denote a completed action, state or process, and we have a result.

Imperfective verbs (NSV) denote an incomplete, not finished, endless action, condition or process.

Perfective and imperfective verbs differ in the number of conjugated personal forms and grammatical compatibility. This means, for example, that perfective verbs do not have present forms, their present forms represent the future. I have another video about Russian Imperfective vs Perfective Future, so make sure to watch it, too.

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