Russian Cases – Prepositional. Learn Russian Language Grammar with Russian from Russia! Russian cases made easy 🙂

Prepositional is the 6th case in the Russian language – о ком? о чём?

It’s not easy to remember the six Russian cases’ endings. That’s why I’ve started my new Russian lessons series, called “6 Minute Cases Drill”. I hope these videos will help you to get used to the Russian cases. Today we’ll practice the Prepositional case.

Prepositions that we use with Prepositional are: при, в, на, о, об, по.

The preposition “в” (in) is used for buildings and enclosed spaces.

The preposition “на” (on/at) is used for open spaces.

Где лежит книга? – Книга лежит на столе.

Где мальчик стоит? – Мальчик стоит на стуле.

О ком ты говоришь? Я говорю о моем друге.

When answering question ‘where’, you use the Prepositional case. However, when answering question ‘where to’, you use the Accusative case.

Pronouns – Russian Prepositional Case

Мне – Me

Тебе – You

Нём – Him

Ней – Her

Нём – It

Нас – Us

Вас – You (Plural)

Них – Them

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If you would like to practise Prepositional, you can find an exercise to practise this grammar at the website