Russian Cases – Instrumental. Learn Russian Language Grammar with Russian from Russia!

Instrumental is the 5th case in the Russian language – кем? чем? It is used to explain how something is done. In English, words “with” or “by” are used to express that. So, we use Instrumental when we want to say ‘by means of’ or ‘with something or someone’.

С кем ты гуляешь в парке? – Я гуляю со своей собакой.

It’s not easy to remember the six Russian cases’ endings. That’s why I’ve started my new series “6 Minute Cases Drill”, for those who learn the Russian language. I hope these videos will help you to get used to the Russian cases. Today we’ll practice the Instrumental case.

We use Instrumental with prepositions: с, над, за, под, перед, меж, меж­ду, в свя­зи с, вме­сте с, соглас­но с.

Pronouns – Instrumental Case:

Мной – Me

Тобой – You

Им – Him

Ей – Her

Им – It

Нами – Us

Вами – You (plural)

Ими – Them

Exceptions: дочь – дочерьми (daughters), ребёнок – детьми (children), человек – людьми (people).

After watching Russian Cases – Instrumental, you can check another case drill: Prepositional.

If you would like to practise Instrumental, you can find an exercise to practise this grammar at the website