Intermediate Russian: Alexander Column – Learn Russian with Russian from Russia! These are stories about Russian customs and traditions, history and other things that are well-known to most people in Russia.

Alexander Column is located in my town, St Petersburg. It is very interesting because it is related to various historical facts and numbers, for example, its height, weight, how long was it built, etc.

I will explain to you how it got its name and what happened after the revolution, which happened in 1917. There are many legends about this column, and I hope this video will inspire you to find out more 🙂

I will reveal here just a small part of facts that are related to this amazing sight:

Alexander Column (Александровская колонна) got this name because Emperor Nicholas I ordered that it should be made in memory of the victory of his elder brother Alexander the First over Napoleon, that is, the column is dedicated to the victory in the Patriotic War in 1812.

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