How to Pronounce Russian R

It looks a bit funny… but it works 🙂

The Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters, 31 of which are independent sounds, and two have sound only in the composition of the word (soft and hard signs – ь and ъ).

How does the Russian language sound to a foreigner? For example, the Germans believe that the Russian language is quite pleasant and melodious, but the French often have difficulty with pronunciation. One of the problems is sound R. Germans don’t have big issues with R, however, French struggle a lot because in their language the sound R is pronounced in a completely different way.

So, how to pronounce Russian R ? In this video, I will show you a little trick and I think it will help you pronounce Russian R in a correct way. Have you tried it? Did it work?

Another interesting fact about Russian pronunciation: In the Russian language intonation of pronunciation is very important. It is enough to say any narrative sentence with a different intonation, and you will get the question, no need for inversion or anything similar.

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